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Workplace Pension – Re-enrolment

Employers are obligated to fulfil specific responsibilities regarding workplace pensions, even if you had previously chosen to opt out. Re-enrollment is a mandatory process that occurs every three years, where employers must re-enrol staff members who had previously opted out of the workplace pension scheme. In line with this requirement, SmartWork must re-enroll its employees after 01/05/2023.

As this is a legal obligation for all employers, we cannot halt this process. However, if you wish, you can opt out of the workplace scheme again.

When SmartWork proceeds with the re-enrollment process, our employees will be reassessed based on the following criteria:

1. They must be eligible jobholders aged between 22 and State Pension, earning at least £10,000 per year.

2. They must have been a previous scheme member who opted out.

For more information about this requirement, you can refer to the Pensions Regulator’s website.