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Take-home Pay Illustrations

To get an estimate of your take-home pay, you can utilise our convenient online calculator. However, for a more tailored illustration, we suggest reaching out to our friendly onboarding team. They will be able to provide you with a personalized breakdown of your expected net pay after deductions.

Before making a decision to join an umbrella company, it is advisable to obtain a personalized pay illustration. This will give you a clear understanding of the amount you can expect to take home after all necessary deductions have been made.

While online calculators can be helpful, they are based on certain assumptions. Therefore, we recommend contacting us directly for a personalized illustration. This will allow us to gather additional information about your specific circumstances and ensure that the example we provide accurately reflects your situation.

To provide you with a customized pay example, we require the following information:

1. Your contract rate and expected working hours/days per week.

2. Which recruitment agency is responsible for this contract? Some of our processes are agency-specific, so it’s important for us to know this to ensure accurate information.

3. What is the expected duration of the contract?

4. Do you know your tax code? If not, we will assume the standard tax code of 1257L.

5. How would you prefer your holiday pay? Would you like it paid in advance of time off (resulting in unpaid time off) or retained by SmartWork in a holiday pot to cover your time off?

6. Do you have an outstanding student loan? If yes, was it taken out before or after 2012?

7. Are you a resident of Scotland or the rest of the UK?

8. If you wish to contribute to your own private pension scheme or SIPP, please provide the name of the provider and the amount you would like to contribute.

If you would like a personalized pay illustration, please reach out to us; our business managers would love to help.