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The SmartWork Set-up Process

The process couldn’t be easier to get you up and running. Below is a simple guide as to what happens when you register with SmartWork.

After your initial call, your onboarding contact will issue a pay example, which outlines all deductions, including Employment Costs, PAYE Tax, and National Insurance. We’d always recommend reviewing this to ensure you are happy with how deductions work before signing up. 

1. Registration

It can be completed in just a few minutes. We’ll ask for your contact details, direct you to our registration page and ask you to complete the TrustID verification using your smartphone.

2. Welcome pack

Once your registration is complete, SmartWork will become your employer and will require you to enter into an overarching employment contract.

We’ll send over the welcome pack with essential information about our services and the details of your designated business manager.

3. Contract & Portal

We’ll contact your agency for your paperwork, which will be stored in your SmartPortal account. You’ll receive your account login details at this stage.

4. Getting Paid

Submit your timesheets via our portal and get paid! We’ll pay you the same day your agency pays us before noon.

If you’ve opted for additional services with us, we may send additional documents for review once your umbrella profile is set up. 

We don’t believe in tying you into any lengthy contracts, so once you have finished your contract, if you no longer need our services, you can request your P45 leavers form. If you have further contracts, we’d be happy to set these up for you.