‘Key Information Document’ For Agency Workers

24 April 2020


A new “Key Information Document” (KID) has been introduced from the 6th of April 2020, bringing extra work and administration for recruitment agencies this year. The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses (Amendment) has been published and adds Regulation 13A, which involves the creation of a Key Information Document (KID).

It is intended to improve the transparency of information to agency workers. The document aims to demonstrate to workers how a proposed pay rate is affected by fees and deductions made through the supply chain. Where a business works with multiple umbrella companies, for example, it is expected to provide a key fact page to the worker for each provider. The document must be given to the worker before the employment business agrees on the terms.

Key Information Questionnaire Example

The document should contain key information about your relationship with your umbrella employer, including pay, holiday entitlement, and other benefits. Here is a list of questions that should be included.

General Information

Your name
Name of employment business
Your employer (if different from above)
Type of contract you will be engaged under
Who will be responsible for paying you (if different from your employer)
How often you will be paid
Expected or minimum rate of pay
Deductions from your pay required by law
Any other deductions or costs from your pay (to include amounts or how they are calculated)
Any fees for goods or services
Holiday entitlement and pay
Additional benefits

Example Pay

Example rate of pay
Deductions from your wage required by law
Any other deductions or costs from your wage
Any fees for goods or services
Example net take home pay

Further information on the new Key Information Documents (KID) can be found here. For downloadable copies of documents, visit the Government’s website on this link.

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