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At SmartWork we understand the growing importance for agencies to have a preferred supplier list. With so many umbrella companies in the market, creating a robust, effective PSL enables the agency to ensure that its providers are compliant as well as protecting the recruitment business. In working together it allows the businesses to streamline their processes and cut down on administration.

Agencies that do not operate a Preferred or Approved Lists (PSL or ASL) runs the danger of leaving itself open to risks as they may not be working with a compliant umbrella company.

Why choose us?

Here are some of the advantages of including SmartWork on your Preferred Supplier List:

SmartWork are FCSA Full Members are proud of being able to demonstrate the highest standard of compliance in the professional employment services sector.

All FCSA Full Members have been independently audited to confirm that they adhere to the rigorous FCSA Compliance Code and a copy of the audit report is sent to HMRC for absolute transparency.

FCSA Member status is the only accreditation recognised by all of the UK’s leading industry bodies, including REC, APSCo, and TEAM. FCSA Full Members represent a ready-made Preferred Supplier List (PSL) and the industry’s highest stamp of endorsement for parties looking to appoint fully compliant firms to support them.

Do you already have a PSL in place?

If you already have a PSL in place, it may be time to audit the providers on that list. Are they protecting you and your agency from risks? Are they compliant and members of a professional organisation such as FCSA? Are they meeting the level of service which you expect? Are you receiving positive feedback from your contractors?

Are you thinking of forming a PSL?

We would highly recommend you do so; it is a much safer way of operating as you ultimately have control over which supplier your contractors work through. You will also know that you are free of any risks as a business and know that your contractors will be well looked after.

If you would like to review your PSL, or you would like help putting a robust one in place, please contact us on: 0800 434 6446 or email neil.kane@SmartWork.com . The ideal solution is to have a PSL in place of compliant FCSA providers for both umbrella (SmartWork) and limited company solutions (MyAccountant.co.uk).

“I’ve never had a problem with SmartWork or the team (only positives), they have worked flat out to iron out issues with my assignment (absolutely nothing to do with them) but they were the vital support I needed. No hesitation in recommending them at all”

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