Our New Affiliate Partners: Sanlam Wealth Management

17 March 2020

Many of you reading this will know that, at SmartWork, we are always looking for ways to increase the value of our services and provide that little extra. We believe that nothing can replace a personal approach and a working relationship built on trust. This is one of our core values that makes us different from all the others out there.

Part of this effort is seeking out companies with a similar philosophy to ours and are happy to partner up with us to benefit our clients. For a while now, we have been asked to recommend a company that provides financial, investment and future planning advice, so we set out to find one we would be proud to recommend wholeheartedly.

The people behind Sanlam are open and honest in their approach and genuinely understand that financial advice is a lot more than just figures; it is also about lives, futures and families. 

We asked Sam Hardy, based in the Bristol head office, to introduce Sanlam in a few words and tell us what they do:

“We deliver wealth planning advice to private individuals, business owners and employee benefits solutions to corporate clients.  We aim to consistently deliver the finest client experience available, never forgetting whose money we look after, never forgetting the job we have been asked to do, always focused on taking care of that which is precious; clients’ wealth.  

Our UK wealth management business is part of Sanlam Limited, an AA-rated international financial services group that has been advising clients around the world for nearly 100 years. Locally we have a significant presence in the south-west as our head office is based in Bristol with regional offices and advisers nationally.”

Sam also told us that they are very happy to cater for individuals from all walks of life; in fact, they love the variety of their client base.

So if you are looking for advice, please let us know, and we will be happy to recommend a local Sanlam specialist for a consultation.

You can, of course, get in touch with Sanlam yourself, but be sure to mention SmartWork.com when doing so.

Website: https://www.sanlam.co.uk/Home.aspx

E-mail: sam.hardy@sanlam.co.uk ; or call 0785 020 3125