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Working via a limited company (PSC) beyond April 2021 

In April 2021, a reform of the off-payroll working rules (IR35) was rolled out in the private sector, meaning any contract you accept will have a predetermined IR35 status. Your contract is either ‘inside IR35’ or ‘outside IR35’. Because of this, you may find yourself inside IR35 and need to recruit an umbrella company’s services.

We appreciate that this is a massive change for contractors and realise that the increased tax implications should not be taken lightly. We wanted to offer a service that allows you to navigate this new contractor landscape.

If your current engagement falls inside IR35  

Together with our sister company MyAccountant, we came up with the Dual Service package that gives limited company (PSC) contractors the flexibility to easily move to work through an umbrella company if required, and at the same time have their company close at hand. Limited company and umbrella income all taken care of under one roof and a single point of contact.

Why would you want to keep your limited company?

It is a fact that trading via a limited company is the most tax-efficient way of contracting, so we wanted to offer a solution that lets you work via the best solution suited to your contract and maximise your tax efficiency.

There are, and will continue to be outside IR35 contracts offered by companies and to have your company ready to trade at a moments notice will give you the unique advantage to pick them up.

What services will you get, and what are the costs?

For an annual fee of £1,140 +VAT, which will be split into 12 monthly instalments of £95 +VAT, you receive:

  • Umbrella company services for any contract(s) in the year.
  • Dormant company accounts and company tax returns prepared.
  • Company secretarial services.

Like MyAccountant’s other accountancy packages, the Dual Service package is flexible to be adapted if you require additional services as your circumstances change, e.g. management accounts and company payroll.

Compliance and contractor care

SmartWork has worked in partnership with MyAccountant for many years, with both companies sharing the same philosophy for contractor care. MyAccountant is also a full FCSA member meeting the strictest industry compliance rules and contractor services standard.

If you have any questions about the Dual Service Package, please call 0800 434 6446 or e-mail us at info@smartwork.com or visit MyAccountant for more information.

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