Smart+ FAQs

Can I keep my limited company open if I am working via an umbrella solution?
Yes. If you believe that you will need to utilise your limited company in the near future, then using the Smart+ service and putting it into non-trade (dormant) status may be a cost-effective solution compared with going through cessation.
If I sign up to Smart+, would this leave my company without a Director?
No. Limited company directors and shareholders are registered on the company’s house and this is updated annually via a confirmation statement. This is completely separate from a payroll scheme.
By signing up for Smart+, will I be a director and an umbrella employee?
Yes. By joining, you will be an employee of SmartWork's umbrella solution whilst remaining a Director of your limited company.
How do I sign up for the Smart+ service and how long does it take?
If you are a SmartWork or MyAccountant customer, this can be completed through your business account manager.
Does Smart+ impact my IR35 status?
The Smart+ service does not change your IR35 status. Your status is determined by your client for each contract independently.
Is Smart+ right for me?
The Smart+ service is suitable for limited company contractors who expect to accept contracts with an outside IR35 status in the future, but currently work as an umbrella contractor.
What is the Smart+ Service?
Our Smart+ service is a unique offer designed to simplify the latest IR35 legislation and help you seamlessly switch between limited and umbrella contracts.

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